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Aqua Halo Rejuvenating Conditioner 200gm


Azafran Organics Aqua Halo Rejuvenating Conditioner with natural plant based actives helps in providing long lasting conditioning. It helps in improving both, wet and dry combing of hair.It also provides color protection and gives hair a soft feel. Aqua Halo technology with more than 80% purified water and plant based natural surfactants helps in keeping hair and scalp moisturized, is mildly antiseptic and maintains the pH Balance of scalp. Usage Directions: After shampooing, rinse thoroughly and squeeze excess water from the hair. Apply conditioner to the palm of the hand .Smooth your hands over the lengths of your hair, by using the flats of your palms, focusing on the ends rather than the roots. Avoid contact with eyes

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  • Provides long lasting conditioning & color protection.
  • Keeps hair and scalp moisturized.


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